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HW1.0-beta-1 Version [third prototype]


After playing around with the etched board from (see second prototype) I've reddesigned the boards. I found one really cool company which can etch the PCBs. . Following image shows the new boards:

Full build

On eBay I've found a really nice supplier for 7inch TFT screens which almost perfectly fits into the original housing. In particular it fits vertically, however horizontally one still needs to cut away a lot of plastic inside of the 16:9 housing. This supplier provides also the VGA driver boards, which I am now using in OpenBM. On the following image one can see both OpenBM boards as also the USB-Touchpanel driver and the TFT/VGA-driver board. Everything fits into original housing. Second image shows all hardware patched applied to the original pcb design:

In the following image one can see both threaded parts (left and right shiny round parts) which provides fixing of the front part of the panel with its inside. This is neccessary since in order to fit a 7inch display the old small turrets had been removed. The last image shows the view from the back. Yeah, me and these non-linear snippets :)

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