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HW2.0 Version

Schematics & Partlist

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Partlist for HW2.0 Version.

Part        Value            Device             Package            Library
7805        7805DT           7805DT             TO252              linear
ATMEGA324   MEGA32-A         MEGA32-A           TQFP44             atmel  
BMBT                         E39BM_BUTTON_2BY10 E39BM_BUTTON_2BY10 bmw
C1          100pF            C-EUC1206          C1206              resistor
C2          47uF             CPOL-EUD           PANASONIC_D        rcl
C3          100nF            C-EUC0805K         C0805K             rcl            
C4          4.7uF            CPOL-EUA           PANASONIC_A        rcl            
C5          100nF            C-EUC0805K         C0805K             rcl            
C6          10uF             CPOL-EUUD-4X5,8    UD-4X5,8_NICHICON  rcl            
C7          12pF             C-EUC1206          C1206              resistor       
C8          12pF             C-EUC1206          C1206              resistor       
C9          100nF            C-EUC0805          C0805              rcl            
C10         100nF            C-EUC0805          C0805              rcl            
D1          DIODE-SMA        DIODE-SMA          SMA                mcp4725        
D2          DIODE-SMA        DIODE-SMA          SMA                mcp4725        
D3          DIODE-SMA        DIODE-SMA          SMA                mcp4725        
ENC-BMBT    53261-06         53261-06           53261-06           con-molex      
ENC-RADIO   53261-05         53261-05           53261-05           con-molex      
F1          3A               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
F2          3A               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
F3          3A               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
IC-DAC      MCP4725          MCP4725            SOT23-6            mcp4725        
MCP9700     MCP9700          MCP9700            SOT23              mcp4725        
PCA9537     PCA9537DPTSSOP10 PCA9537DPTSSOP10   TSSOP10            mcp4725        
PCF8574-0   PCF8574T         PCF8574T           SO16W              micro-philips  
PCF8574-1   PCF8574T         PCF8574T           SO16W              micro-philips  
PCF8574-2   PCF8574T         PCF8574T           SO16W              micro-philips  
Q1-14.7456  14.7456MHz       CRYSTALCTS406      CTS406             crystal        
R1          10K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R2          5K               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R3          10               R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R4          75K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R5          10K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R6          10K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R7          5K               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R8          75K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R9          5K               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R10         200              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R11         200              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R12         5k               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R13         75K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R14         200              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R15         200              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R16         10K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R17         10K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R18         75K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R19         10K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R20         4.7k             R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R21         10               R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R22         75K              R-EU_R1206         R1206              resistor       
R23         4.7k             R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R24         4.7k             R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R25         4.7k             R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R26         4.7k             R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R27         10k              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R28         200              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R29         4.7K             R-EU_M1206         M1206              rcl            
R30         4.7K             R-EU_M1206         M1206              rcl            
R31         4.7k             R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R32         4.7K             R-EU_M1206         M1206              rcl            
R33         1M               R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R34         10k              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R35         200              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
R36         10k              R-EU_R1206         R1206              rcl            
RADIO                        E39BM_BUTTON_2BY6  E38BM_BUTTON_2BY6  bmw            
SJ1                          SJ2W               SJ_2               jumper         
SJ2                          SJ                 SJ                 jumper         
SJ3                          SJ                 SJ                 jumper         
STS8C5H30-1 STS8C5H30LSO-8   STS8C5H30LSO-8     SO8                mcp4725        
STS8C5H30-3 STS8C5H30LSO-8   STS8C5H30LSO-8     SO8                mcp4725        
STS9C5H30-2 STS8C5H30LSO-8   STS8C5H30LSO-8     SO8                mcp4725        
T1          BC817-25LT1SMD   BC817-25LT1SMD     SOT23-BEC          transistor-npn 
T2          GF2304           GF2304             SOT23              mcp4725        
T3          BC817-25LT1SMD   BC817-25LT1SMD     SOT23-BEC          transistor-npn 
T4          GF2304           GF2304             SOT23              mcp4725        
TH8062      TH8062           TH8062             SOIC8              th3122         
X-CAR       C-GRID-06-70543  C-GRID-06-70543    70543-06           con-molex      
X-CONN1     52271-2069       52271-2069         52271-2069         mcp4725        
X-CONN2     52271-2069       52271-2069         52271-2069         mcp4725        
X-DISP      53048-05         53048-05           53048-05           con-molex      
X-ISP       C-GRID-06-70543  C-GRID-06-70543    70543-06           con-molex      1
X-PHOTO     53261-03         53261-03           53261-03           con-molex      

Final boards

Front and back of the 4th revision (HW2.0 version). The PCBs are soldered manually, hence not everything looks very aligned. Main white connectors are not shown here.