Welcome to the nrEngine webpage

nrEngine is a small but powerfull game-application-engine. The engine does provide the developers with a low level functionality like resource managment, scripting, event system etc. A plugin framework allows to improve the functionality of the engine on the fly. The engine is written in Standard C++ and runs on all common platforms.

The engine has been designed with the goal of providing the developers a simple but powerfull API. It is not designed to be a replacement but an enrichment in the development process of a game or any other application.



A manual, helping to start working with the engine, can be found on the ManualPage.
There exists a doxygen of the complete source code. You can find it  here


Stable and developer releases can be downloaded from the  downloads page.
To get the latest revision of the engine source use following command:

svn co svn:// nrEngine

Please check also if following 3rd party libraries are also installed in your environment:

Projects using nrEngine

All projects, which I have created before do use the nrEngine inside. You can find the projects  here and  here