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Build a frame

Next step in the OpenBM project is now creating a frame to hold everything in the dash. So, what I did so far, is to get the original mounting frame for the 4:3 bordmonitor (16:9 will also work) and put additional corners in it, to hold the bm device only. Here is an image showing that corners made of alluminium. Please note that I neither have much experience in metal fabrication nor I have right tools for that, therefor the framing might look really ugly. However, it do what it should do, hold the thing together :)

On the backside of the OpenBM device, I placed a plate with wings to both sides.

As result the frame is able to hold the OpenBM device well. The only one thing left is to answer the question of how to build a holding ears or something like this to fit the this outer frame made of black plastic, as shown in the top part of the picture:

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