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Welcome to OpenBM project webpage

OpenBM stands for: Open Source Bordmonitor. The project is mainly targeting all BMW enthusiast, who would like to improve the standard BMW multimedia equipment with their own configurations. On this webpage, I would like to present you a device made out of the original BMW's 16:9 bordmonitor housing found mainly in E39/E38 as also X5. The device can seamlessly be included into original BMW equipment and deals as an output/input device for a CarPC.

Project Constraints

  • Original Look 16:9 Bordmonitor with a CarPC.
  • use Bordmonitor for Input/Output? of CarPC
  • Being able to seamlessly connect Rearview camera as also DVB-T/DVD
  • Be cheap


The following list represents the timeline of this project. Every time there is new event, it will be published on an extra wiki-page and added to the list. So take a look on those events, already happened :)

17th, October 2009? Put a new display into the bordmonitor housing. In this case I am using a 7 display with native resolution of 800x480 pixels.
1st, October 2009? Reverse engineering of original BMW's 16:9 bordmonitor housing. Special interest goes to the both button fields as also LEDs

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